President & CEO

Senior Team

  • Akilah Massey

    Vice President of Programs, GEO

  • Kristina Wertz

    Vice President of External Affairs, GEO

  • Meghan Duffy

    Executive Vice President, GEO

  • Mila Yochum

    Vice President of Operations, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations


Communications & Marketing

Membership & Development

  • Bo Dorsey

    Membership Manager, GEO

  • Claudia Williams

    Director of Membership and Development, GEO

  • Lauren Gentry

    Development Manager, GEO

  • Autumn Shepherd

    Membership & Development Specialist, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations


  • There’s no shortage of advice out there. GEO’s resources — from discussion starters to in-depth publications — lift up best practices and examples from members of the community. Find critical resources about the topics you care about today!

  • We offer a huge number of opportunities for you to work directly with your peers to tap the wisdom and experiences of those in the same boat. Find conferences and peer learning opportunity focused on of-the-moment challenges here!

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