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Are you seeking ways to spur positive changes within your grantmaking practice, or that of your organization, to help nonprofits achieve more meaningful results? If so, we invite you to join GEO community peers for highly-interactive learning experiences through our remote learning opportunities.

GEO’s remote learning explores emerging topics in philanthropy, elevating experiences of peers in our community. These opportunities give you the chance to explore the practices that matter most to nonprofits through a combination of in-depth conversation, practical examples and thought-provoking discussions with the GEO community.

View upcoming remote learning opportunities — and find resources from previous ones — in our event list!

Remote Learning Series

Through these series, we provide the space for members to learn from seasoned practitioners within the GEO community and ask burning questions. Participants have the opportunity to pinpoint some of the smarter grantmaking approaches that matter most to nonprofits, identify examples of how to make changes in practice based on the experience of fellow members and make connections to colleagues who can support you in your work. To support learning, participants have access to advance readings, an online discussion forum and GEO staff support. To get the most out of the series, active engagement is encouraged of each participant.

GEO offers three different Remote Learning Series curricula:

  • Effective Grantmaking Starts Here – Through the Effective Grantmaking Starts Here series, you will receive an overview of the grantmaking practices that have the greatest impact on nonprofit results, including Community-Driven Philanthropy, Collaboration, Capacity Building and Learning and Evaluation, as well as an opportunity to share and learn from the experiences of your peers in the field.

  • Learning Mindset – This series invites grantmakers to explore what it means to become a learning organization, providing examples and tools for how to make changes and increase competencies related to equity-centered learning and evaluation in your organization and in your work.

  • Community-Driven Philanthropy – This series explores how the participation of nonprofits and communities in philanthropic processes leads to better practices, more authentic discussions and improved outcomes for everyone involved. Community refers to those who are most impacted by the support grantmakers provide. Through your participation in the series, in discussion with peers, you will to grapple with your individual and collective power and how such power imbalances can lead to adverse impacts.


reported they have a greater awareness of effective grantmaking practices as a result of their participation in a remote learning series.

During each series, you will have an opportunity to connect with peers, learn from other grantmakers putting the work into practice and gain resources and tools to apply to your work.

GEO offers two to three series each year. Members can apply to participate as applications become available. For more information about our remote learning series or if you wish to be contacted to apply to our next learning series, please contact

Community and Partner Calls

These informal, video conversations are identified, developed and led by GEO members for GEO members. Led by a Member Host, these calls give you a chance to explore emerging topics among GEO’s effective grantmaking approaches and combine in-depth information and practical examples with thought-provoking discussions with your fellow members interested in the same ideas. These calls have often been compared to a live version of GEOList, our members-only, moderated listerv. Come ready to participate and share!

How to Schedule a Call

Scheduling a community call is easy! Just reach out to GEO staff to help you formulate your idea into a conversation topic. GEO staff will provide logistical support, including scheduling, marketing and planning. If you have an idea for a call or would like to host a call, please contact Margie Obeng at

Virtual Learning Sessions

These one-off, online learning opportunities give you an important opportunity to deeply explore top-of-mind and cutting-edge practices that make the most difference for nonprofits. You’ll hear from staff and fellow members, lifting up examples from our community that illustrate how your peers are turning knowledge into action. You’ll have opportunities to ask your burning questions during these virtual learning sessions.

Do you have a story or learn something new that you would like to share during a virtual learning session? Please contact Margie Obeng at

New Member Orientation and Guided Tours

Are you new to our community — or wondering whether you should join? GEO offers regular webinars just for you! These sessions offer an opportunity to learn about membership benefits, resources and upcoming opportunities to engage with the GEO community. This is also a great way to connect with GEO staff and other new members.

During these interactive webinars, you will:

  1. Learn how to make the most out of our community,
  2. Learn what resources and tools are most relevant to your work,
  3. Familiarize yourself with our core smarter grantmaking approaches, and
  4. Participate in a dialogue with your peers.
Margie Obeng, Program Assistant, GEO

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