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Organizational Change

Knowing what works and taking steps to change your work for the better is easier said than done. But real change is possible when our organizations foster innovative and supportive environments where smarter grantmaking practices can thrive.


grantmakers are going through some type of change or transformation over the next two years.

These are places where everyone — from the board and CEO to staff at every level — feel empowered to play a role in the process. And change is most possible when we bring nonprofits and community partners in to help shape our work. Organizations committed to creating lasting change find ways to prepare everyone to advocate for and adopt changes to practice.

As we fully and intentionally commit ourselves to change in pursuit of smarter grantmaking, we can push philanthropy forward to give nonprofits what they need to grow stronger and achieve more. . If more of us adopt smarter grantmaking practices successfully, we will see faster progress on the complex challenges facing our communities.

The complex issues we are all trying to tackle require us to look holistically at all the interconnections, the assumptions that are driving our decisions and strategies, and how we as foundations are either helping solve or actually exacerbating the problems.

Jennifer Martin, founder and principal, Community Change Group

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  • GEOList Members Only

    GEOList Summary: Foundations with nonhierarchical or shared leadership structures?

    Posting on behalf of an anonymous GEO member: “I'm interested in learning about and/or connecting with GRANTMAKERS (specifically; not nonprofits) who have gone down the path of a non-hierarchical or shared leadership model of management structure. I would love to hear about and learn from other foundations who are structured this way without a singular President/Executive Director or experimenting with other forms. Can you direct me to anyone who can offer advice or experience? Thank you in advance.”

    • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    • September 2023
  • GEOList Members Only

    GEOList Summary: Organization Design- Recommended Consultants and Processes

    Dear GEO Community, Our Foundation is currently in the implementation phase of a new strategic plan, which includes re-designing our organization to match our strategy. To assist us in this important phase of our development we are in the process of identifying potential consultants. Ideally, it would be most effective to engage a consultant/consulting firm that provides expertise in a number of areas including structure, process, and culture. Any insight, recommendations, and/or referrals you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Curtis

    • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    • September 2023
  • Perspective

    What makes collaboration effective? And what doesn’t?

    CLIPF is a supportive community where grantmakers can identify best practices and recommendations for creating the organizational conditions that support nonprofit success – in collaboration with like-minded peers. Shari Silberstein offers reflections on why connection and community are important to grantmaking effectiveness.

    • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    • September 2023
  • GEOList Members Only

    GEOList Summary: Demographic Data Collection Forms

    Hello all, Has anyone seen a form or other method of collecting demographic data from staff/constituents, that they feel is respectful and well done? We know that Candid is a good place to enter that demographic data once collected data but we've had questions from nonprofits and others about how best to collect the information from their staff and/or constituents. Any thoughts and/or resources you have would be much appreciated. Thank you! Georganna

    • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    • August 2023
  • GEOList Members Only

    GEOList Summary: PTO Policies

    Hello Everyone, We are looking at our Vacation/Sick Leave policies and considering transitioning to a PTO bank for leave. Is anyone willing to share their PTO policies, including any carryover or payout upon termination with us? Thank you, ___

    • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
    • July 2023

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    Save the Date for GEO's 2024 National Conference held in partnership with Philanthropy California from May 20 - 22, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.

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