Membership Rates

This membership contribution adjustment applies to all new memberships or membership renewals beginning on or after January 1, 2023.

Annual Grantmaking Range Annual Contribution
Under $300k$700
$300k to $499K$900
$500k to $1.24m$1,200
$1.25m to $2.4m$1,500
$2.5m to $4.9m$2,500
$5m to $8.74m$4,000
$8.75m to $12.4m$6,000
$12.5m to $24.9m$8,500
$25m to $37.49m$11,500
$37.5m to $99.9m$16,000
$100m to $249.9m$20,000
Above $250m$25,000
Government Grantmaker, < $37.5m$550
Government Grantmaker, > $37.5m$1100
Philanthropy-Supporting Membership Organization / Academic Institution with Focus on Philanthropy$700

When calculating contributions, please note that community foundation contributions are based only on discretionary and field of interest grantmaking.

Please visit for more information on eligibility requirements and calculating annual contributions.

Contact or 202-898-1840 with any questions regarding this contributions schedule.