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We are the home of grantmakers eager to learn and improve. If you believe strong nonprofits are indispensable to your success as a grantmaker, then no matter where you work or the issues you support, the GEO community is the place for you.

The GEO community gives you the opportunity to work with others navigating the same journey to find the practices that matter most to nonprofits — and give them the support they need to succeed. You’ll find opportunities to make faster progress on the issues you care about most. You’ll find clarity on which improvements make a difference for your grantees. You’ll find new ideas from others working to push the boundaries of philanthropy. And you’ll find support in bridging the gap between what works and how to make it happen within your organization.

Here you’ll connect with over 6,000 peers from nearly 600 organizations. These are peers from around the country and the world, from every type of organization and funding many different issues, but who are all united by a desire to make faster progress. And with conferences focused on solving of-the-moment challenges, regular opportunities for peer learning and publications that lift up promising practices from peers, they’re finding support to turn knowledge into action right here in our community.

For twenty years, this community has been working together to help each other advance.

Our research shows that GEO members consistently outpace the field in making productive changes that help nonprofits achieve more. Whether it’s providing general operating and multiyear support or soliciting feedback from grantees, the GEO community is helping members lead the way in adopting practices that matter most to nonprofits.

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  • GEO offers a range of opportunities for our community to come together around the country and in a variety of formats to discover new ways to help nonprofits grow stronger.

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